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How It Began

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

A lot of my clients ask me how I got started as a life coach. To be honest it seems like something that I was destined to do my entire life. I woke up one Wednesday morning in March of 2017 with an overwhelming desire to improve my life and my relationship with myself. I was 48 years old, and had struggled my entire life with self-doubt, body image issues, procrastination and lack mentality. I was always motivated to start something big, but never had the discipline to see it through to the end. The only things in my entire life that I hadn’t quit were school and my marriage. I even briefly quit life in 2005—I suffered a massive GI hemorrhage and saw the white light.

What the hell, I was the ultimate quitter!

I constantly whined, I don’t know what I want to do with my life,in terms of my career. My husband and I had owned a small retail business that we purposely closed because it was killing us emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. I worked 10-14-hour days 6-7 days a week, never saw my kids or husband, and cried every freaking day that we were in business. I took a job working for a friend in his optometry practice immediately after we closed our store.

Nothing I ever did gave me the feeling that I was in the right profession. I always felt like I had a calling but I could never pinpoint exactly what it was. However, one chilly March morning, I decided that I needed to see what would happen to my life if I just consistently stuck with doing something positive for myself every single day for one year. I had been inconsistently meditating since 2012, but I believed with my whole heart that if I was more disciplined in my meditation something good would come into my life. Honestly, I was just looking for a little peace of mind, but I received that andso much more.

I had read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod in 2016 and loved it, but never really put it into practice. On April 6, 2017 I started practicing The Miracle Morning (TMM). I made a non-negotiable deal with myself that I would do TMM every day for one year no matter what! Even if I only did the 6-minute version I was going to stick with it—notice what a master procrastinator I was?! I decided in March to change my life but didn’t do anything about it until April! I 100% believed something positive was going to happen in my life because I meditated and said nice things to myself. I was right.

Over that year my life blossomed into something beyond anything I could have ever imagined for myself. For the first time ever I truly liked myself, and that like quickly turned to love. I became more open and didn’t hide behind excuses. I began to accept responsibility for everything in my life. Granted, the bad things that happened in my childhood were not my fault or responsibility, but it wasmy responsibility as an adult to heal from them and to stop using them as an excuse as to justify my messy life and self-image.

So, I met people and joined groups. I tried new things. I read books based on recommendations from people I had only met through social media communities. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I traveled alone. I paid off a big chunk of debt. I started writing a book about my near-death experience. I spent real, quality, time with myself for the first time. Ever. The difference in my mindset was noticeable and not always well-tolerated by everyone. I didn’t care. For the first time in 40+ years I sincerely did not care what people thought of me.

I discovered life coaching and it fascinated me. I signed up and took a life coaching class at my local community college to see if it was something I would really like to pursue as a career. I loved the class and knew from the first session that I would start a coaching business. Since then, I’ve been interviewed on a local internet radio show about my business and my miracle morning practice. I’ve done a few Facebook lives and have had thousands of views. I’ve been invited to host workshops and chosen to give talks and lead mastermind classes. I have clients that I love. Coaching is my calling! I had faith that meditation would bring me something positive, and it’s brought me an unwavering belief in myself and my ability to help myself and others along the way.

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