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Deborah Atella

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Deborah Atella is a certified life coach, meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner. She hosts the aTELLa LIKE IT IS podcast and created The Sisterhood of What Next?! Facebook Group.


Deborah is the best selling author of the book Is This Job My Jam? The Guide for Grown Ups Who Still Don’t Know What They Want to Be. Deborah spent years excelling at jobs that she didn’t love, trying to find  work-life balance as a mom and hiding her spiritual gifts. Her pursuit of self ultimately led to clarity, relief and the start of her coaching/healing business. Deborah helps her clients figure out what they really want to do, navigate the issues that arise with making changes and bring more joy into their lives. One of her biggest values is truth, so the aTELLa LIKE IT IS podcast focuses on Deborah and her guests telling the true behind the scene stories of their lives, relationships and businesses. 


As a skillful connector, she brings women together in community in the Sisterhood of What Next Facebook?! Group. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Deborah now lives in the suburbs where she and her handsome husband Jeff raised their 3, now adult, children. When she isn’t working she loves going on adventures, cooking giant Italian meals (with gravy, not sauce) resetting at the beach and most of all playing with her grandson!

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