Deborah Atella


Hi, I’m Deborah! I am a certified life coach, reiki practitioner, and meditation teacher. For the past 25+ years I’ve experienced the highs, lows, successes, and failures that come with trying to find work-life balance as a mother. My own pursuit of searching for relief and clarity ultimately led me to my passion of helping others do the same. 


Are you completely overwhelmed and uninspired? Terrified to make a move or ask for help? I believe the answers to our life’s burning questions are already inside us. Through healing guidance, I help you find pockets of silence to hear your intuition and recognize those answers.


Helping you overcome challenges by creating healthy, sustainable habits is my jam! I teach you the tools to aid in healing, break through limiting self-beliefs, and create a positive mindset to help you reach your goals.


I love to organize sisterhood groups, women’s circles, and empowering events. This is a wonderful way to connect like-minded women and build community and often results in profound effects including new relationships, breakthroughs, and general happiness.


When I am not working I love going on adventures with my handsome husband, cooking giant, Italian dinners (with gravy, not sauce!), sharing meals with my three adult children, and resetting at the beach. True confession: I am a complete chocoholic! Fun story: Cher is my all-time favorite celebrity, and one time I got her autograph and saw Sonny Bono in his underwear in the same night!